Get intimate with art – our offers.

Discover a host of interesting information about the artists and their artworks on our special tours. We offer guided tours for children, adults, families, schools and private groups. We also provide companies with a unique atmosphere for their events.
All tours except those that are privately booked, will be conducted in German only.


Public Guided Tours

Masterpieces and their stories

Gain a fascinating insight into the Rosengart Collection and enjoy some captivating and frequently amusing stories about the works of art and the artists who made them. 



Curator’s Sunday Tours

Making art history accessible

Does art history have to be dry? Absolutely not! On our themed tours, Ms. Dr. Kerstin Bitar will share with you an abundance of fascinating information concerning stylistic movements, artists and their works and a range of special topics.  



Tours for Schools

A class act for your class

Introduce your pupils to masterpieces by Picasso, Klee and many other Classic Modernist artists. Ms. Dr. Kerstin Bitar will take you and your class on an interesting guided tour whose topic can be agreed with you in advance. 
As part of a generous donation, school classes from Switzerland and during compulsory schooling can book a discounted tour.



Private Tours

An exclusive experience

Would you like to go on a special guided tour in German, French, Italian, English, Spanish or Dutch? Either privately or within a corporate context? We will be happy to organise this for you – simply let us know your wishes. Guided tours are possible either during or outside opening hours. 



Art with Aperitifs

Experience some unforgettable moments at the museum

Receive your guests in a very special setting. A welcome drink in our elegant entrance hall, followed by a guided tour of works by Picasso, Braque, Léger and Klee will make your private or corporate do an event to remember.
Our exhibition space on the ground floor provides the perfect surroundings for dinners for between 25 and 50 guests. Dine in style, surrounded by important pictures of Picasso’s studio from the 1950s. 
We will be happy to show you the spaces in question and provide you with information about our services and prices.



Art at Lunchtime

Art discussions with Dr. Kerstin Bitar

Immerse yourself for half an hour at lunchtime in the visual worlds of great artists – and add a sparkle to your day.  Under the guidance Ms. Dr. Kerstin Bitar, come and engage in a dialogue about art and share your viewing experiences. 



Children guiding Children

The art adventure without adults

“I’m going to go home and draw my guinea pig like Picasso!” Just like eight-year-old Mario, countless children are inspired by our children’s tours. Our teams of proficient child guides lead children aged between 7 and 11 on a journey of discovery into the exciting world of art. 




Music at the museum

Musical strains swirl around paintings and sculptures and Beethoven looks over Picasso’s shoulder, giving rise to a very special kind of magic. Our programme of concerts offers musical treats from a range of periods and in a variety of styles. Experience some sublime moments in a very special atmosphere!



Family Tours

A journey of the senses for visitors big and small

“It was moving to see our children making their way through the exhibition in utter amazement.” We often hear comments of this sort from parents and grandparents who have been on one of our family tours. We warmly invite you and your whole family to discover the rich and varied world of art on a guided tour.  




A visitors’ kitbag for families

Guided and stimulated by the contents of their (B)SUECH-SACK visitors’ kitbag, children and “their” grown-ups, embark on a varied and entertaining quest that will take them all over the museum. Their (B)SUECH-SACK contains a “route planner”, details from various pictures, puzzles and other hints and clues. This results in a lively dialogue about the artworks to be tracked down. In combination with a range of creative activities involving colours and forms, this will enable families to make new discoveries together. You can pick up an age-ranged (B)SUECH-SACK at the museum desk.
*(B)SUECH-SACK is a Kuverum graduation project by Monica Birrer, CAS in Culture Mediation/Museum Pedagogy, School of Education, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

Only in German available.